Jawaralal Nehru a Biggest Mistake to India!!!

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There were 565 princely states in India at that time. Some of the Maharajas and Nawabs who ruled over these were sensible and patriotic. But most of them were drunk with wealth and power. They were dreaming of becoming independent rulers once the British quit India. They argued that the government of free India should treat them as equals. Some of them went to the extent of planning to send their representatives to the United Nations Organization. Patel invoked the patriotism of India’s monarchs, asking them to join in the freedom of their nation and act as responsible rulers who cared about the future of their people.

He persuaded the princes of 565 states of the impossibility of independence from the Indian republic, especially in the presence of growing opposition from their subjects. With great wisdom and political foresight, he consolidated the small kingdoms. The public was with him. He…

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  1. I’m loving the subject at hand, I’ve always been interested in history and especially the partition of India and Pakistan. That once was amongst one of the most powerful countries before the intrusion of the British empire, it is obvious their aim was to divide and conquer.

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