Invisible Women


It was past midnight. A moonless dark night with few stars venturing out. The wind blowing hard with haunting unsaid voices from a land faraway, trying vigorously to break in. Yet another night when sleep had absconded. With my earphones on, I was striving to pen down a few straying thoughts, engrossed and oblivious of the night discreetly passing away.

I hear a faint noise. Is someone shouting? But it’s that hour of the night when most are fast asleep. Blaming myself of having a vivid imagination, I return to my already drifting thoughts. I hear a voice again. Another one. It’s loud enough to jolt me out of my trance. I am certainly not hallucinating. To confirm my doubts, I step out in the balcony. It’s pitch dark with none of the apartment’s window lit or the moon for my rescue. I strain hard to confirm if the screaming…

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